Rotten Apple 907, our home haunted attraction, started off as child's birthday party and has grown to become an experience that people look forward to attending each year. Now it is designed and built by all the members of the Meyer family, as well as a terrific group of people who volunteer their time and building and acting skills.

Over the years, the group has dedicated a lot time and effort to learning how to make our haunt even better! As a result, each year's house is more detailed and exciting, and the number of people attending our Haunted House increases. In 2021, we welcomed over 4000 people through the doors of our Haunted House, and we look forward to welcoming many more.

Rotten Apple 907  is proud to be a non-profit event! Each year we accept donations which are then given directly to a charity in need. There is no overhead taken out of the contributions, which means that 100% of the money received is sent to the charity. In 2021, we donated over $6000 to VBAS (Volunteers fo the Burbank Animal Shelter). For more information about this year's charity or about previous year's charities, please check out the "Charity Info" tab above.

We thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you will join us for a scare.  

-The Rotten Apple Gang


Cast Members

Preston Meyer, Diane Meyer, Melissa Thompson, Martin Potter, Galen Augustus,  Jim Macias, Kristin Keenan, Matt Keenan, Scott Casto, and Alex Casto.